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Default Pattern: Steelers lose after BB returns from an injury

I do not know the exact figures and/or the win-loss record (please, someone who is good at Googling & such, help me out), but BB is horrible in his first game back after an injury.

I remember specifically, last season, the 49ers game. LOSS.


Again, in his first game back, after returning from an inury, BB loses a lot. That is something that has not been brought up in the discussions (which have mostly focused on the defense, WRs, special teams, & others). As in: BB is not "BB" for a game or so, after an injury.

The silver lining in this loss to SD was the fact that BB got a full two quarters of "practice" against real competition... which will iron out the kinks that normally arise after he returns from an injury. In other words, BB came out throwing horribly... and did not play well in the first half... but... in the second half... he had shaken off the dust, and he looked great. (I know that he threw an INT, but he looked less "scared" back there).

With all of that "practice", he should already be back to his MVP form of a month ago.
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