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Default Re: Cowboys Game = Judgement Day

Originally Posted by Rotorhead View Post
Riddle, why dont you go root for whatever the team of the week is, i dont think i have ever read one positive post about the steelers from you and several others, why do you even call yourselves fans if all you can see is suck in everything.
Rotor, why don't you post what you want to post, and I will post what I want to post, mkay?

I have posted plenty of positive things about the Steelers, prior to your spontaneous arrival here.

Fact of the matter is-- they have lost to 4 of the worst teams in the NFL this year and have a rotating roster of mostly injured players right now when they should be hitting their stride and gearing up for the playoffs. I prefer to be realistic.

You can choose to live with your head stuck up in the clouds (among other places), but some of us are more practical.

Originally Posted by Rotorhead View Post
Sorry your life sucks and everyhing you see is jaded, but as a fan of a team there is always something to be optimistic about, hell we still have a good chance to get in the playoffs, but all you guys say to that is "so 1 and done"
Actually, kiddo, my life is pretty awesome. Not sure what bearing that has on being able to objectively analyze my favorite football team.

While I might be inclined to agree with a "1 and done" asessment of the team currently, I challenge you to find a single post of mine this season using the words "1 and done".

We have a good chance to get into the playoffs, but what makes you think it would end any better this year than the Tebow debacle last year?

Last year, we had all of our starting CBs and got torched historically by the worst QB to ever playt he game. This year, we are about to go into the post season with 3 of 4 CBs brought up from the practice squad, a busted Oline, no run game to speak of, and a questionable run defense. We lost to the 4 worst teams in the NFL this year.

You can wear the rosey glasses, I prefer walk around with my eyes open. Again, sorry if you are butthurt about that, but......tough.
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