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Actually i wasnt implying anything, dont assume what you clearly dont know. Stating we cant win the SB every year is not implying we should be happy about last year, it is just stating the obvious, and letting all you cry babies know it isnt going to happen every so be happy with the fact a rebuilding year or 2 for our team still means we can possibly win the SB. I actually dont think we need to rely on ppl losing to make the play offs because the fact is we control our own destiny. Something i know, so stop incinuating i dont know what i am talking about by stating assumptions (again) you clearly have no clue about. What you are doing is crying about the past games where we lost to crappy team so maybe you should atop dwellng on the past. And finally, nothing you "criticize" (or cry about) on this message board is going to make a difference to what the team does on sunday, sorry you seem to think it will (that is an assumption).
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