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Default Re: This is a critical stretch for coach T

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
You are right, dude. We are not allowed to criticize our team when they lose repeatedly to sub-par, bottom-feeding franchises.

Those silly fair-weather fans....
You said it not I. Be serious for one minute, did anyone actually believe it would be a smooth transition from Arian to Haley and the offense. I am on here several times pointing just that fact out, and this was before the season began. We lost to Oakland on the west coast, something we have made a habit of for years not just Tomlin or just recently. We lost to Tenn at Nashville, another place that has given us fits. We lost both early and the running game and offense were not clicking. The only thing we had going was Ben playing great on third down. We lost to Denver at their place and thats another nightmare, you lose RC right off the bat and plus they are looking like an AFC contender right now.

So early on we are 6-3 and starting to click and I for one am feeling good. Now your QB gets hurt, our backup QB gets hurt and we were fortunate to win 1 of 3 they were out. Now Ben is back but rusty and basically the Defense took this game off. Face it things do not go as planned, injuries happen, bad calls happen, bad decisions happen when at the time it seems right. I love how everyone remembers Cowher in such a "fond" way but I was a reader of Steeler boards then and now, and it was just like today. The Bi-Polars were super high with the wins and ready to fire everyone and start over when we lose. I do not mind questioning decisions or gameplans but constant bellyaching turns me away from these boards until things have settled down. As far as Tomlin making or breaking the rest of the year, unless Tomlin wants to leave he will be here for some time.
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