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Agaim you are assuming everything, mr english 101. I never atated anything, nor implied anything about past championships, so stop trying to put words in my mouth. I guess you stopped at english 101 and didnt go to critical reading as you have no readin comprehension skills. My POINT was this is as much of a rebuilding year you will see from the Steelers. Sorry youe english 101 class couldnt help you figure that out. So instead of assuming what you think to be true, try reading the post and understanding what is there. Plain and simple for you to understand, without adding assumptions, i dont care what happened last year, week month, etc. this team has a game to play this upcoming weekend and i hope they win. I think they will win it as well as the next 2. I also think the ravens will lose the next 3 which will win us the division. I am a fan of our team and always root and hope for our team to win. Sorry if that makes you upset because you cant root for them to do well, you cant see any good from any games, only the bad. That is a crappy way to live life.
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