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Default Re: This is a critical stretch for coach T

I am not going to single out anyone but there are fans for every team who can do a better job of coaching, drafting, motivating, budgeting, and in general run their team than the PROFESSIONALS actually doing it. Nearly everyone wanted Arians gone, such an idiot, such a dumazz, completely ignorant of football knowledge, Well he is gone and it took him all of less than one week to have another job in the NFL,(BTW the Colts are doing pretty well with him whether you want to credit him or not, bet he gets rehired). Haley comes in and nearly everyone assumes our offense will produce 100 yard rushers every game not to mention 30+ points per game, I tried to caution that it would take time, just like all these new faces on the OL. We have had injuries like I for one have never seen, we get one back another drops, we have been playing 3rd level type players against NFL caliber teams. Now ya'll can downgrade Cleveland if you want but I see a team on the rise and they are going to be a force soon. Cincy has improved and could very well be good for years to come. The Ravens and us could lose our hold over the division sooner than we think. And as far as all of these "cellar dwellars" these teams do not just beat the Steelers occasionally, they also beat the Patriots (Cardinals) Giants (Eagles) and even the Texans went OT at home to the Jags. This is the NFL it happens, we may not even make the playoffs but I believe the Steeler organization will make changes that hopefullly puts them back on track.
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