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Default Re: Pattern: Steelers lose after BB returns from an injury

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
I do not know the exact figures and/or the win-loss record (please, someone who is good at Googling & such, help me out), but BB is horrible in his first game back after an injury.

I remember specifically, last season, the 49ers game. LOSS.


Again, in his first game back, after returning from an inury, BB loses a lot. That is something that has not been brought up in the discussions (which have mostly focused on the defense, WRs, special teams, & others). As in: BB is not "BB" for a game or so, after an injury.

The silver lining in this loss to SD was the fact that BB got a full two quarters of "practice" against real competition... which will iron out the kinks that normally arise after he returns from an injury. In other words, BB came out throwing horribly... and did not play well in the first half... but... in the second half... he had shaken off the dust, and he looked great. (I know that he threw an INT, but he looked less "scared" back there).

With all of that "practice", he should already be back to his MVP form of a month ago.
There are two reasons for this:
  1. They bring him back too fast
  2. They are not considering the team as a whole.

In the case of the former, they pay him ungodly sums of money to play this game and the Front Office isn't going to allow him to sit if he can do anything that even remotely resembles playing football. They're more interested in getting their "product" out on the field than in whether or not he's truly healthy enough to play.

In the case of the latter, they are not considering the fact that a certain chemistry was developing with Charlie and with Ben suddenly back, the team knows that the game will be different and that tends to mess up whatever was working.

In terms of the tactical aspect of playing Ben, what it did was take a bottom-feeder like San Diego with a QB who is the forgotten member of the "Class of '04" and instead of game-planning for Charlie, they instead saw it as open season on Ben. Their defense wanted to re-injure him and Rivers wanted to show him that he's just as good. Take that and mix it in with a rusty Ben who played very cautiously at first and was testing the waters in terms of just how ready he was to play and you get what we saw on Sunday.

I think Tomlin should have started Batch and let Ben sit one more week. If he HAD to play Ben, he should have let him go for a quarter or so and if he saw that he wasn't 100% (he wasn't) or if the team in general seemed lost (it did), then pull him and send Charlie out there.

I would have done that right after Ben 'Doinked' Miller in the head with that pass which ultimately ended up as a gimme TD for the bottom-feeders. How Tomlin could have seen that and thought that keeping Ben in the game is beyond me.

But then, after the San Fran debacle last year, nothing Tomlin does surprises me.
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