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Default Re: This is a critical stretch for coach T

Our team has no discipline this year. However it has always been Pittsburgh M.O. to saddle down to horrible lousy teams. We play hard and win against significant difficult and hard teams with skill but flop when it comes to teams that are below us. I never understood it and never will.

I think the coaches are part to blame and the other part is on the half prepared, non flare, no passion and lazy undisciplined offense and players. Special teams is weak at best and they have not gone bact to Basics as Tomlin so predictably and repeatedly recoups every post game interview.

I am sick of Tomlin and the same excuses and same responses. I think he is part of the problem along with Todd Haley. There's no fire from the coaches. Just blow off excuses. "we take responsibility and we own this one" and "the standard is the standard" etc. you know...the Tomlin catch phrases.

We have Wallace who is an over paid track runner who couldn't even catch a cold if his life depended on it let alone when the game is on the line. Mendenhall who is equally bad. Leftwich and Batch...everyone over paid and useless. This whole season has proved that and there has been no improvement in my opinion from any of them. They all prove to be unprepared for the games they face and they are waaaayyyy to unpredictable. Championship teams don't play like this.

I am disgusted as a fan and I have more to say but its breaking my heart thinking of how bad we are playing and knowing the potential being thrown away and the talent that is just being wasted....
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