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Default Re: Would You Trade Wallace for Flowers?

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
I got what you meant.

I was just pointing out that achieving a trade is difficult enough... adding the extra burden of trading a player who has to "agree to a franchise tag/agree to a new contract" before he can be traded is doubly as difficult.

That said, if Faulk can rush for 1,000 & receive 1,000 and still be traded, then ANYTHING can be done.

Again, I like the idea.

Disgruntled for disgruntled = win-win.
Oh absolutely. The extra details of hammering out a contract prior to him being traded would be a hassle and adding the fact that Kansas City would have to agree to it would make it painstakingly bad.

I really, really hope something like this happens. You're absolutely right, a disgruntled for a disgruntled would be best for these guys. Often times a change of scenery can bring out the best in a player, and I think that is what will happen here. Geno can throw to Mike, while Brandon can pick off Joey.
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