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Default Re: This is a critical stretch for coach T

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
It has nothing to do with the fact that the franchise quarterback went down. Or the fact that the second string went down as well. Oh, and before that, our defensive playmaker and best Safety in the NFL went down, as well as rotating in and out our Pro Bowl OLB's.

When this team was 6 - 3, we were absolutely rolling. You're sitting there with a straight face and telling me that the offense hasn't made drastic strides since week 1 playing in Denver? We had the number one offense on third downs until Roethlisberger went down. We had the ball for an average of 35 minutes a game - tied for second in the NFL - when he had Big Ben at the helm. After we beat the Giants, we had one of the best teams in the NFL - no question. Inexcusable losses to Tennessee and Oakland early in the season are beginning to come back and haunt us, but by midseason, we had one of the best teams in the league.

When Ben went down, things went down the tubes. Not having your franchise guy and instead, a third string quarterback, is a good way to derail any teams season. The fact that we're still in the conversation for a playoff spot shows the resilience of this team and the ability to fight through adversity.

This team has made significant strides since early in the season but shockingly, when Ben went down, it went off the rails. How about we keep the doomsday talk to a minimum until we've actually been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Maybe that's asking too much.
I can appreciate your points. But, lost in this is the fact that those "inexcusable losses" happened with BB at the helm. The big win at the Giants too. The big win at Baltimore with Batch. So, there is no CLEAR understanding to take from all of this, except that the team is neither prepared to be, and not built to be able to live up to Tomlin's "the standard is the standard" BS.

If Tomlin is going to make those statements after EVERY game, then he needs to make sure that the players are in place to live up to it. He and KC haven't done that. It's gotten to the point where the fans no longer buy that crap. So, you KNOW the players don't believe it either.

So, what I take from this rollercoaster season? The HC and the Front Office have failed to prepare this team either through the draft or free agency, or through training camp and game prep, to handle adversity - whether it's injuries or otherwise.
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