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Default Re: Curse of the Terrible Towel lives

Originally Posted by steelerchad View Post
I agree, it is the best rivalry in football.
Pittsburgh's gotten the better of it, but it's been more even recently. The real difference to this rivalry is the fact that the Steelers have won all of the truly big games. The Ravens haven't been able to win in the playoffs or even in a late season division clinching situation against the Steelers.

The best part of this rivalry is that both teams are 1-2 in the division almost every year and are usually in the playoff mix until the last week of the season. There's always something on the line in these games.

Packers-Bears is probably #2 IMO. I know Dallas-Skins folks say theirs is best, but both teams have been invisible in the playoffs for most of the last 15 years.
Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
yea, I'm getting a little sick of hearing how great the NFC East rivalries are. When the Broncos played the Raiders, Manning was talking about the great AFC West rivalries. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

IMO, at least in the past 5 seasons, no rivalry has had as much on the line as our games have. Whether it be division, playoff advancement, or to go to the SB. Not too many teams have playoff rematches like every other season
Today, December 13th, 2012 -- a date which will live in infamy -- three fans from opposing sides came together to agree on a matter of great importance...

Marking this one down in my calendar.
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