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Default Re: "Why can't we be like the Pats...."

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
you're right - just the way civilization is going in general. People just aren't goin to accept the brutal effects in the nation's most popular sport. what's weird to me anyways, is that Boxing and UFC are far more violent - UFC is gaining in popularity, but isn't getting much attention in terms of zeroing in on the brutal hits, because it isn't mainstream.

Does anyone have an article or quote to show if concussions have actually gone down since the increase in discipline for head hits? My guess is that the number of concussions are the same, or only very slightly less. I just don't see, unless you eliminate sacking the QB or tackling altogether, concussions being limited that much.
Honestly concussions reported have probably went up. Players are actually forced to report to trainers now instead of hiding it.
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