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Default Re: Ravens will lose 2 of the next 3 and limp in at 10-6

Originally Posted by NEPatriots View Post
I watch every Patriots game, every week, and Brady calls for no such thing, and I see him take serious beatings.

If you have to resort to outright lying to make your argument it means you have no argument.

Last year Brady played football with an elbow injury all through out the middle of the season and then went into the post season with a shoulder injury that was reinjured during the Superbowl (that he lead his team to WHILE injured) and he kept every one of those injuries secret.

If that was Big Ben he would of had been reminding everyone every five seconds how he's playing injured, like he always does, then he would of lost to a QB as bad as Tebow, so that makes him a tough guy, because whining and media sympathy are for tough quarterbacks, right? Tough quarterbacks who can't make it past last years pathetic Bronco team? Quarterbacks who probably won't be seeing another play off game for a long, long time?

And "sissy" quarterbacks are the kind who lead very flawed teams to Superbowls on their shoulders while injured and not saying a single word about it? Quarterbacks with an aura so powerful and who inspire, and have inspired for over a decade, his opponents absolute best shot, each and every week, in a way each years defending champion can't even match? Those are the kind of quarterbacks deserving of you photoshopping skirts on them?

Typical Steeler fan delusions. I like the honest Steeler fans much more than the fictional and delusional ones, because that kind is among the worst variety of football fan in the league with pretty much zero respect for the sport over all.
Oh please...but down the Brady jizz already. We know he's a great quarterback. That's why he doesn't need to be crying to the refs for flags....and yes, he does. And you know it. If you don't, you've been living under a rock for the past four years, not watching Patriots games. I'm not saying every time, but enough times to develop a reputation for it from both players and fans. There is a reason for that.

As to him keeping his injuries secret...for years he didn't have to say a thing. What was it, 3 years straight he was on the injury reports? Besides, he waits till after the game is lost to cry about his injuries, like it's supposed to be some part of an excuse (lots of QBs, including Ben, do biggie). I'm not going to say that Ben doesn't talk to the media too much, or hasn't blown his injuries up in the media...but the past few years, his injuries have been ones that you kind of can't miss. The ankle wasn't going to be hidden, neither was the broken nose, or his latest rib/shoulder injury.

So get over it, grow a bit of thicker skin. If you think Brady is such a damned good leader (I'm not saying he's not), and is such an iron man who never pleas for flags from the refs, you wouldn't get so worked up and defensive about it, on another teams forum nonetheless.
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