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Default Re: Mendenhall suspended

Originally Posted by IowaSteeler927 View Post
His "opinion" on 9/11 was inflammatory and conspiracy theorist in nature. He put his opinion on Twitter a social media site out for the world to read. It was stupid to put it on there in the first place. He knows fully well that everyone was going to read it and what the backlash would be from people in general, the fans, and the media for that matter. Those kinds of opinions are best kept to yourself, especially when you're a professional football player in the public eye.

As for his performance he has done absolutely nothing to inspire confidence. He is injury prone, and the past couple of seasons even when he has played he has been inconsistent. He killed a good drive in the Super Bowl against the Packers with his fumbling issues as well. He has had fumbling issues off an on throughout his playing career.

This year he's had his chances to take the reigns at the HB position and he once again got hurt. Even when he did play he was incredibly inconsistent, hesitant, and his fumbling problems reared their ugly head once again. To top it off he was listed inactive for the Chargers game and decided that was an excuse to just not show up and support his team. Players like Polamalu, or Roethlisberger set an example and lead from the sidelines when they are hurt. Mendenhall would rather shun his teammates and the fans by staying at home. He was suspended for a reason. He's been given a fair shake far too many times and it's high time they booted his sorry ass to the curb.

Your own sig says "Screw Wallace, throw it to Heath". Wallace sadly has been a more consistent player for us than Mendenhall.
I agree on the 9/11 comments - but not on the fumble in the SB - sure it was awful, AWFUL momentum changing timing. But, his blocker completely stunk it up that play and he didn't have a chance from the moment the ball was snapped. He got completely blown up by Matthews on what should have been at worst, a stop for a loss. I'm still wondering how 85 ever made the active roster. The dropped 5 yard passes are still haunting me. Ugh Bruce Arians product.

Also - just my two cents - Ben really didn't become that great of a teammate or leader until after he almost got traded to Siberia after the 2nd allegation. I agree on Troy though.
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