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Default Re: Connecticut school shooting

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
That didn't take long to politicize.
Sorry I pissed you off (I sincerely mean that)

I am fucking tired of having this constantly happen and being told it is God's will or that shit happens or that if hanguns are banned only crimninals will have handguns

The way this is ever going to change is "politics"

As far as the kids being armed, several posters on this board seriously suggested that The Joker taking out miviegoers last summer might have been stopped if they had been packing - so as far as "politicizing" tragedies, those with views opposed to mine have been doing so for a long fucking time and I am fucking tired of innocent people having to be sacrificed on the altar of the Second Amendment

The idea that something apparently cannot be done about this saddens me for the latest innocent victims and their families (Jesus - a mass shooting of K-4 students?)and those that you can bet we will read about in the coming months

If you want to ban me go ahead - I promise never to post again on anything to do with mass shootings
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