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Default Re: Connecticut school shooting

Unfortunately, the focus out of this horrible tragedy will be gun control. This is not a gun control issue. This is an issue with the fact that we care less and less about each other every day. We become more polarized and jaded, particularly along the lines of religion, politics, and class. Mental health is a serious issue in this country and that's what caused this tragedy, not guns.
Just say that the impossible happens and all guns are removed from the world. What stops someone from hacking away with a samauri sword? Or going after a classroom with a knife? Is the loss of only two or three lives any less tragic than the loss of 30, particularly when it's children?
People with mental health problems will find a way to deal the level of damage they feel is fair to their suffering. You don't need guns to do that. Take in to account that the worst school massacre was carried out with homemade pipe bombs. Timothy McVeigh didn't need guns to inflict the horrible pain that he did. The 9/11 hijackers didn't need guns either.
This is about actually giving a shit about each other a little more... caring that the violence in the inner cities is just as tragic and affects lives just the same as in a small Connecticut town. It's all horrible, no matter where it happens.

Unfortunately, just as my thoughts about everyone caring more about each other are too idealistic and will never happen, so is getting rid of all of the guns. There is no "sensible" gun control that will stop a handful of mentally ill people (remember, we do have 314 million people in this country, so handful is more than generous). The only solution would be complete elimination of guns. That is the only fail-safe way to stop gun violence. Waiting periods won't deter someone when they can get it off of the black market, steal from a law abiding person's home, etc. If someone is serious about it, they're going to get a gun.
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