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Default Re: Connecticut school shooting

The story makes me ill. My eyes watered up watching some of the scenes unfold earlier today. It's a sickening story. One can't even fathom how even the most mentally deranged in society could inflict that sort of horror on little children. I don't think many people would have flinched were he taken alive and sentenced to death by burning.

But with that said, and prayers and condolences offered to the families and the communities, the true way to start preventing this from happening in the future is in rebuilding our families, rebuilding our communities, and rebuilding our societies. It isn't in sweeping gun control laws that trash our 2nd amendment and make victims and prey of law abiding citizens all across the country.

I blame the media, honestly. I was a teenager in the 90's and our parents had no idea just how destructive the music and the youth culture that arose from it and much of our `entertainment` created. But we were also alive in the 80's and so we could understand when we aged and got a little wiser that it was a fad and not a way to actually live or conduct ourselves. It was just a teenage fashion.

People ten years younger than I, I feel, have no such perspective. They've been born into a wildly degenerate society and that is all they know. Vile music, degenerates praised as "artists" and `entertainment` that is trashy and culturally worthless at best and destructive to society at worst.

I don't think it is a coincidence that so many of these maniacs were born after 1990.

Everyone is to blame. We have turned a blind eye to the direction the media-barons have been leading this nation and pretended our children will be forever isolated by it, even if they have responsible parents, or won't be affected by it.

And now we're soon going to have a conversation thrusted on us about fire-arms where Americans will be expected to give up more liberty in the name of security and real problems of our society will continue on as usual.
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