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Default Re: Steelers defense about to set franchise record

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Again, he really, really was. They could take Harrison one-on-one early in the season, and had the RG and RT take Woodley while having Greene chip Woodley and get out into the flat. It happened more than once during the Jets game. Pin the blame on who you will - Hood and Keisel not generating pressure, Hampton not requiring double-teams, Harrison being injured, etc. - but even when he wasn't 100% they still recognized that he requires to be at least doubled. When he wasn't, he got to Sanchez all game.

When he has a healthy hammy, he's one of the best LOLB in the NFL.
I never saw him being triple-teamed, but I generally agree with what you are saying. I don't think we even had Harrison for the Jets game did we? Is my memory that flawed?......getting old.

Would be nice to have both Woodley and Harison at 100% or near it, and on the field at the same time for a change. haven't felt that buzz since early 2010.

Harrison is geting there, but since now Woodley has been out, Harrison has been getting the usual double-team/armbar/chokehold.
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