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Default Re: Mendenhall suspended

Originally Posted by Cyphon View Post
The fumble isn't completely his fault and you make a fair point but he is still a pretty consistent fumbler. On top of that if you ever watch how he carries the ball it is about as bad as it gets. There is a 5 point technique that players are taught and practice. Mendenahll covers maybe 2 of those points when he carries the ball.

I honestly can't even watch him run without expecting a fumble almost every time. I believe he even fumbled when nobody touched him because of the way he carried the ball.

Beyond the fumble problems though, he just isn't that good. He seems scared to get hit and runs more side to side and backwards than forward. Our team is a team with a reputation for toughness and he just doesn't fit.
No he's not. He's actually exceedingly sure-handed. Ironically enough, I'd prefer people criticize him for his tweets (which he actually wrote) than for his fumbles, which are fairly low. He's had two, maybe three bad games in his career that are skewing his numbers a bit, but skewing people's opinion of him even worse.

Short version: dislike him all you want. He's not a fumbler.
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