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Default Re: Mike Wallace not discouraged by booing

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
Fans aren't booing and scrutinizing you because you held out of camp. Fans are booing you because you are dropping more balls than you are catching. You can't catch a ball with your hands and are completely worthless unless the ball is delivered directly into your chest. Fans are booing you cause you've fumbled balls, dropped at least 4 guaranteed TD passes, dropped at least ten first down passes and your drops have led to a large number of punts, and or turnovers. Fans are booing you because you've created more harm for this team than you have production. Trust me Mike, weather you made camp or not, the lack of dedication and discipline you've displayed this season would still be getting boo'ed.
This is exactly right. I could care less if Wallace makes 100 million a game or one dollar a game, I just want him to start catching the dang football!
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