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Default Re: Mike Wallace not discouraged by booing

I have defended Wallace at times and raked him across the coals other times. He started down this road by comparing his self to the top 2-3 receivers in the NFL, and by putting a ridiculous price on his services. Hold outs rarely work with the Steelers (if ever) and all he did was come in late and out of the loop with Haleys new plan. More than anything though I believe has been his lack of effort. Even with good games he does not appear to be all out for the team, not laying out for low balls, drops, fumbles. Do not underestimate him though, he is a great talent and worthy of trying to keep. If we can somehow come to an agreement i believe he will be more like he was the first three years. If on the other hand if he feels slighted by not receiving the amount he thinks he deserves then he could be no better than this year. One thing for certain, other teams will line up for him, just may not be as high as he thought going into this year.
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