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Default Re: Mike Wallace not discouraged by booing

Originally Posted by zcoop View Post
His stats could be better but the dink and dunk doesn' get it to him, it is perfect for intermediate routes. He has earned the paycheck that the Steelers are paying him this season. If I recall correctly, he caught TD a few passes that compelled his team to victory this year.

You folks can hate on him all you want but the numbers don't lie (his complet history with the team). The guy has been a bargain for the money over the past four years. He has also been a professional throughout the negotiations and while playing for peanuts.

BTW, the whole team has been a disappointment this year, Mike didn't lose the games, the team did.


FYI, if wallass didnt want to play for 'peanuts' all he had to do was sign the huge contract that he was offered. he chose to play for this dollar amount.
he has been a bargain the first 3 years, that's why he was offered a ton of money. he didnt want it.
he would have been a terrible value this year if he did sign it.
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