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Default Re: Steelers defense about to set franchise record

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
its not only picking off passes.

I know we're a good "tackling" team and the team is taught to "get them DOWN"....but they're no stripping the ball We don't cause fumbles near as much as we should. Watch teams such as Chicago and NE. Every tackle they're clawing, reaching, poking, trying to strip. I sure wish we did that.
...and any good ball carrier will keep right on running while their going after the ball. It's not like it used to be where one guy could stand the ball carrier up and the next guy strip the ball, that's a flag and a fine now. If I had to choose I'd rather the defense absolutely smoother an opponent and get turnovers second. Yeah, both would be great. I'll take a shut down defense over one that goes for luck and can be beat by luck too. We may not have either option with the backups to the backups playing in the secondary.
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