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Default Re: Mendenhall suspended

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
He has 9 fumbles in over 900 touches (less than 1%). Jerome Bettis, universally lauded for his lack of fumbles, had 41 fumbles in 3,679 touches... over 1%. The point being that Rashard is more reliable than the running back for whom all of his critics have a boner. And if you remove just two or three particularly bad games from his resume, he's stellar, in Curtis Martin territory.

I would suggest to you and to Coach Tomlin that he has those 3 fumbles because he has only 34 attempts. The Steelers need to pick a running back and stick with him, whether or not it is Mendenhall.
It's so easy to miss the important information in a sea of statistics. Mendenhall dangles that ball out there needlessly, and in the big games the opponents won't let him get away with it - and in fact, they haven't. He's an accident waiting to happen - as Harrison said, "a fumbling machine" (when it counts).

And that's not all. He has a history of giving the minimum effort, and he's always displayed his "me before the team" attitude. That's a real problem on a team. He's a disappointing, indecisive runner, especially given his amazing physical tools. It comes down to desire and attitude. Toe make it worse, he's an embarrassing idiot in public.

Look beyond the stats, look at what's happening on the field! This man damages the team. It's ludicrous to compare him to a true leader like Bettis, a man who always gave his best and inspired others around him. Seriously, that's just an insulting comparison.

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