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Default Re: Enjoy your Superbowl win. Colts will dominate next year.

Originally Posted by WeNowHave5
Until there is an indication that the Colts have figured out how to consistently beat a 3-4 defense, then I will never consider them a favorite. Last yeaa was there chance and they blew it.

BTW, I have always considered Manning way overated. Put some pressure on him and he mentally collapses

Thats been my stance for quite a while too. It seems that Peyton is the golden boy of the NFL every year. But we all know, that in football, the QB gets way too much credit for wins and in most cases, way too much blame for losses. I just wonder how Peyton continues to escape the blame and criticism for the big game losses when most other QB's get grilled regularly. And the thing that really bothers me is his attitude after such losses. I think he tries to be real humble in spite of himself. But IMO, he is all too willing to place blame on others. In fact, i think in his case it's a hereditary trate. His dad and brother appear to have the same mental make-up as well.
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