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Default Re: Week 15 Gameday Thread: Steelers @ Cowgirls 12/16/12

Originally Posted by NYC_Steeler View Post
Even Norv Turner would've won the SB with the team Cowher built and left behind. Don't forget - Ben's stupidity, immaturity, and recklessness resulting in that motorcycle accident cost the team a chance to repeat as SB champs. Those same players have gotten older - and look at the results now. Extremely poor backups, starters who don't know how to hold onto a ball, repeated mental mistakes, etc.This is a well-coached team? Hardly.
Exactly. He coached decently THREE years ago but since the Green Bay Super Bowl this team and coaching has been suspect.

1. Name any impact draft picks that have stood out in 3 YEARS of Tomlin
2. Tomlin is supposedly a DB coach right? He know DB's... name one we've drafted and developed well.
3. Turnovers and Penalties << sorry idiots, that is ON THE COACH. Ask the Raiders...
4. This team is literally like watching a ROLL of the DICE.
5. In any given game HALF of the team is literally fucking asleep.

Go Steelers but this has been an absolute CRAP product for 7 weeks now. Just awful to watch... but
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