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Default Re: Week 15 Gameday Thread: Steelers @ Cowgirls 12/16/12

Originally Posted by fortmemphis View Post
Let's break this down for a min. IF PIT won the game today, what seed would the Steelers most likely get in the playoffs should they make it??? 6th seed. Right?

Well, if PIT wins next week at home against CIN, we are tied record wise with CIN but have swept them this year.

Then if PIT wins against CLE at Heinz Field, doesnt PIT go as the 6th seed???

If for some wacky crazy reason we end up tied with NYJets, didnt we beat them head to head earlier this year? So we go in that case right?

I know we gave up a chance at the division today, but lets be real, provided we win both our home games, our playoff seeding wouldnt be affected by today's loss

Not excusing blowing this game, but looking for something to help console me. Somebody tell me if these scenarios are wrong
The #6 seed is as high as they can get. They don't need to win out but even if they do #6 it is. Which almost certainly means another trip to Denver except this time Denver won't have Mr. Jesus running their offense. Ryan Clark won't be able to play because of the altitude and we will get toasted. At this point I know you play to get in because anything can happen in the playoffs but this team is not the 2005 team or the 2010 Packers.

The Colts are pretty much locked into the #5 seed.
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