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Default Re: Does anyone recall a Steeler team this bad at tackling?

Originally Posted by defence View Post
I don't know if we can throw the whole team under the bus. Football is a team game. But i cannot strees enough that even though our d gave up alot of yards in the first half; our offence was not able to get any first downs at the beginning of the game leaving our d on the field way too long. Giving dallas momentum. We had three chances to close off this game and the offence shit there pants. To me ; that's where there problem is. I give the d credit for having to play corner with a guy who was probably selling cars last week. We lost this game with our offence and the coaches. Too many this year have come on Tomlin and his coaching staff. Hopefully the Rooneys are watching; because we are as fans.

Rooney just stepped down as Ambassador to Ireland and said he wants to take a more active role with the Steelers again. I hope this means firing Tomlin's ass.
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