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Default Re: Time to focus on the Bengals

Originally Posted by maddog78 View Post
And the problem of no TO's on defense. Romo was sacked 31 times and committed 19 TO's in 13 games.

The Steelers sacked him once and turned him over zero times.
Same deal with the Chargers...A total patch-work O-line, Rivers isnt a mobile QB by any means, has thrown bad INT's this year....And yet we GET NO PRESSURE on him, don't cause him to throw any bad INT's....Today, Dallas O-line not great by any means, Romo all year throws bad picks...And just like SD game, we get NO PRESSURE and GET NO INT's today....One word, WHY???...I don't get it, I really don't....We have the number #1 ranked D in the league, WHERE....Troy isnt close to making any game changing plays anymore....But these teams play then move on after they play us, and go, for the most part, right back to making the mistakes that have them with bad records this year....I mean cmon, I seen the Carolina score updates all game, SD back home, and Carolina DESTROYED that team today, I just was shakin' my head everytime i seen that Car/SD score today....Are we that bad, really, ARE WE????.

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