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Default Re: Does anyone recall a Steeler team this bad at tackling?

Originally Posted by Terminator View Post
Rooney just stepped down as Ambassador to Ireland and said he wants to take a more active role with the Steelers again. I hope this means firing Tomlin's ass.
I really hope so too. Believe me; I'm not talking with emotions but with reality. This guy has been horrible all year. It's obvious his players are not ready to play week in week out. And the hiring of Haley has been a disaster. I hated Ariens but I can't believe what I'm about to say; i think Haley is worse. This offence is as shit as I've seen. Heck the Browns look more dangerous than the Steelers. With the people we have on offence; that's a joke. I don't care if we win the next 2 games or not; If i were Rooney; Tomlin would be gone!!
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