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Default Re: Does anyone recall a Steeler team this bad at tackling?

Originally Posted by Drizztbob View Post
The problem starts with our veterans on the field. This is how Clark and Troy have ALWAYS tackled and until recently, it has been effective because they are/were good at it and accurate. Now the younger guys come in, watch them and think they can duplicate that success, but instead it is poorly executed and they look like Pop Warner kids bouncing off the huge growth spurt kid.
I kind of wish it weren't so, but this may be accurate. IMO, everyone in the secondary but Clark should have their "Big Hit" license revoked. It's silly to see professional NFL athletes running with a full head of steam and launching themselves, only to either hit a guy and have zero effect, or miss by a 2 foot margin and fly off the field.

Troy doesn't get a pass on that. He was diving today and missed a couple big shots that really gouged us. I'm sure a lot of people will rage at me for this, but does Troy even know how to play Safety? When they kept the leash on him to help our clusterfuck noob corners cope with getting smoked back there, sometimes it looked like he didn't know what to do with himself. There was one play where a guy fell down and slid and went by troy, who looked like he had just been standing there gawking.
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