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Default Re: Any updates on Sean Spence?

How many times did Foote have a clear shot on Romo and he eluded him easily and Foote, due to his age and lack of quickness, wasn't able to recover? On the flip side, Timmons had one clear shot on Romo and, unsurprisingly, sat his ass down. I've said it on here before but it's relevant again - Timmons makes Foote look much better than he's actually playing. If you give Timmons a legitimate ILB to play with that's fast enough to cover and quick enough to make plays, this allows Timmons to blitz and get to the quarterback. Sadly, Foote isn't capable of doing either of those things and they've had to switch roles.

As for any news on Spence, I unfortunately haven't seen any. I'd like news one way or the other and it doesn't necessarily have to be anything definitive, just updates.
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