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Default Re: Ben's audible on Haley loud, clear

He has been prodded and prodded since the preseason. He needs to shut his mouth and be politically correct. We didn't lose because of play calling, we lost because of silly mistakes. Maybe we should've thrown 6 or 7 more bubble screens to avoid these kind of questions.

You know, if my QB had the 30th QB rating in the league on deep ball throws, I would probably be apprehensive to sling it more, too. I think Haley is doing a fairly solid job. It's not his fault Mike Wallace drop balls. It's not his fault there are O-Line injuries. It's not his fault that Mendenhall was hurt, then forgot to hold onto the ball. It's not his fault that Roethlisberger and Wallace have not been on the same page in terms of the deep ball. Haley is solid, the players are just inconsistent overall.
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