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Default Re: Arizona Might be Interested in Todd Haley

There is nothing wrong with Haley as an OC. Ben hasn't been used as a pinata this season, our OL has been hit by injuries but have managed to play well in spite of that, our RB's arent very good. All of us arm chair coaches criticize the play calling but this team this season has turned the ball over by fumbling at critical times, and way too many dropped passes. You can blame coaches all you want, but these guys are supposed to be professionals making lots of money, too much money to be making or not making plays.We have a player leadership void, that happens when your leaders for years are gone (Ward, Farrior).
My biggest concern (i hope I'm wrong) is that we may be looking at a return to the eighties, our star players getting old, not replacing them properly through the draft, seems a little reminiscent to me.
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