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Default Re: Connecticut school shooting

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
It's not as though there is any lack of examples from around the globe of varying degrees of gun control laws. The only joke is the one that is perpetually pulled on the American people, the last two in Connecticut and Oregon. We'll have many, many more of these sad jokes, but we're not allowed to do anything about it. Just laugh and cry into our beers.
The real difference in those nations is culture though. British people, for example, never really needed gun control laws. Even when most guns were fairly legal, they didn't have a gun death problem. And they certainly didn't have one when they insisted on stricter regulations. It works for them because they don't have as many nutters running around, and they deal with their social issues in a different way than we do.

There are definitely countries that have more lenient gun laws than the often cited UK example, that don't have alarming gun death rates (Switzerland for example).

There's no easy answer for the gun debate in the US. I'm not for very restrictive gun bans...but I am for very intense background checks and mandatory training, as well as having to be re-issued licenses at least every 4 years. That would include going through background checks again and updating your training.

Mental health problems need to be addressed in this country as well (I know someone brought this up already). And they need properly dealt with at an earlier age. I have no real solution to this either, except to say that much of it could be deterred with better parenting overall in this country...but that comes back to culture. Stricter gun laws may seem like a nice idea, but we need to figure out why we have so many people who want to kill other people to really get at a solution. Guns didn't just up and start telling people to kill other people. The crazy in that person's head did that.

It's a crazy time right now, and I can understand why people would want stricter gun laws. It's not like it doesn't make sense from certain aspects. I'm just not for it if a person clearly shows that they don't have a criminal record, and are sane and capable.

I agree that very restrictive gun laws wouldn't work in the US. The black market on guns is too deep here. I think they would work just about as well as restrictive drug laws have worked here.
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