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Default Re: Just Say No To Wallace

Originally Posted by ChristianKustomz View Post
Ok as many have greatly expressed their opinion about Mike Wallace (myself included) has anyone else noticed that every time (99%) when the ball gets thrown to him he puts us in trouble? Yesterday causing us the game. The week before that a touchdown and the week before that game up a scoring drive and then allowed a TD for the opposing team? Dropped passes, wrong routes, poor positioning, interceptions and lets not forget fumbles and turnovers from this man alone. Don't get me started on Brown...Maybe it's me but Big Ben seems to overlook obvious players for short gains on slant passes or players that are wide open in the running field. But why oh why does he throw the ball to unproven players like Mike Wallace and not other players....let me rephrase (after yesterday's game); our players?

It seems as though BB has his 2 or 3 favorite players and will throw only to them.

Well yesterday proves my theory. Another attempt to Wallace and the Wallace curse bites us again.

Wallace is unproven? Having a bad season, like Brown and Sanders, but unproven? When he does hang on to the ball, he shows why he is a great receiver.

But hey, lets get more of Lenard Pope out there.
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