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Default Re: Time to focus on the Bengals

Originally Posted by torpedoshell31 View Post
The Bengal game is going to be very similar to most of the games the Steelers have played this year. It is going to come down to one play or one FG at the end of the game to decide the outcome. I would take the Bengals plus 4 and a half, because either we'll win by 3 or they'll win by 3.
This. I believe we can win, just like I thought we could win when we had the lead and then Brown fumbled the game away before we had a chance to try and increase the lead. It was a great heads up by the Cowboys ST player (can't remember who knocked it out) but Brown should know better when holding that ball - people are going to try and knock it out - when people are closing in around you, and you need to assume its gonna come from any direction - PROTECT! It's gonna be close either way. It has to be an awful, awful Monday at the Steelers facilities right now. Plus, the now 8 million pound gorilla in the room between Ben and Haley.

They need to have a slapping fest or something and get it out of their system. 2 games to get into the dance, too much time wasting away on doubts with this team. Time for real leaders to step up.

And oh yea, I can't afford to give away a $100 at the moment, so I'll put down a Steelers coffee mug or Pilsner glass or something lol
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