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Originally Posted by TRH View Post
in fact, the Giants and the Steelers DO have a lot in common.

They both waltz onto the field on many Sunday's, especially games they're heavy favorites in, and just expect the other team to lay down and give them the win. They barely even try, let alone bring any passion to these games.
And both teams are getting a serious wake-up call that other teams not only don't respect them, but they're physically kicking their ass from one side of the field to the other.
This was also discussed this morning on one of the ESPN shows and i completely concur.
TRH - I agree. Is it really a surprise that the Giants and the Steelers are filled with 1-2x winning SB players and they just might be complacent? The teams that haven't won it yet are proving to be hungrier. The Broncos and the Falcons are two teams that exude: "We're taking it and we're going to do whatever it means to accomplish it - you're not going to out prepare us, and you're not going to stop us"

Keisel said it best. A lot them have pinpointed this issue. You just can't say we're the Steelers and because of that we'll win. They have to carry the torch of what those SB teams did and how they prepared and how they focused, and how they took each and every game as the last stand. I'm gonna sound like a cheesy 80s inspirational song, but you can't reclaim the glory while riding on the past.
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