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Default Re: Arizona Might be Interested in Todd Haley

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Tomlin isn't going anywhere so stop saying stupid things.

Here's what I'd like to see, assuming Todd does head off to be the HC of the Cardinals.

Norv Turner as OC

Look, he can't be a head coach in this league - that was made pretty apparent in San Diego. However, he is a pretty good offensive minded guy and would fit well with Roethlisberger. His quiet demeanor is the exact opposite of Haley, and would put a good scheme in to fit with our WRs. Having Mike Wallace run underneath routes has been one of the failures of this offense, but I feel as if Norv would recognize and fix that situation. We have too many options and weapons on offense for us to be ranked 19th in the NFL. This is a top 10, arguably top 5, offense if given the chance. Norv would bring out the best in all of these guys and under Tomlin, would excel as our coordinator.

Raheem Morris as DC

Remember this guy? I always thought he was a scapegoat and fired from Tampa Bay as a way to save other jobs He wasn't a bad coach - far from it - but he was inexperienced. He's also one of the smartest defensive guys in the league and is currently employed well below the quality of his coaching. On top of that, Tomlin worked for him in Tampa Bay so there's an element of trust and experience with these guys together. While I wouldn't necessarily be sold on him bringing in a 4-3 defense, I feel as if he could adjust and improve his defensive strategy to help develop and move on from our zone-blitz scheme. If that doesn't work ...

Rex Ryan as our DC

Now, before I get yelled at, hear me out for a second. Is the guy a clown? Absolutely. Does he open his mouth and talk too much, often not saying anything at all? You bet. He's also a defensive genius and when given a defense like ours - with possible draft picks like Jordan, Mosley, Johnson, McDonald, Lester, etc. - he could do great things here. He'd be on a leash and wouldn't be allowed to talk to media, but I think he could do great things here. Under Tomlin who wouldn't tolerate his bullshit he might finally succeed and would have a team that could compete and beat Belichick - something he seems hell-bent on doing.
Keith Butler will be our next DC, & i cant see Haley leaving next year unless he has a HC job but i dont think it will happen..
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