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Default Re: In a Pats 49ers Super Bowl

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
After last night feeling as good about your prospects?

IMO the Pats are going to Denver (assuming the Broncos can deal with those powerhouses from Cleveland and KC the next 2 weeks)
I'm even more confident. Teams don't score on San Fran. They definitely don't close 28 point deficits in a single half. That was an amazing performance.

How do you feel about a San Fran v New England rematch? Honestly think San Fran will be on the lucky end of 4 uncharacteristic turn overs and hold a 28 point cushion?
Doubt it. Any 49'er fan who says he'll be happy to see New England waiting for them in the Superbowl is lying. That's a rematch they don't want.

When it's all said and done, I can easily see last nights game being reminiscent of the 2007 Patriots barely getting past the Giants at the end of the regular season only to lose to them in the Superbowl.

A few thoughts on Denver:
The new flavor of the month for the fickle fans. All the same people who, in the first half of the season, were absolutely positive the Ravens were going to smash everyone in the AFC, have switched ships to Denver, not because of an improved Bronco play, but because its obvious the Ravens will do no such thing.

Here are a few indisputable facts:

Fact #1:
The Broncos play in the most pathetic division in the NFL. The three teams in the AFC West that aren't Denver have a combined record of 11 and 31.
The Chargers are 5 and 9.
Oakland is 4 and 10.
Kansas City is 2 and 12.

If Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers were in the AFC West they would have about five billion yards and ten thousand touchdown passes on the season. The AFC West is like shooting fish in a barrel. Manning playing lights out quarterback this year? Please.

Fact #2: Everytime the Broncos have played a real contender this season, the kind of contender they'll see in the play offs, they've been squashed. Now all of a sudden they're going to come out of the laughable AFC West and run a post season gauntlet against everyone? Please.

Fact #3: Whether you love him or not, there is no denying that Peyon Manning's stats in the post season have ALWAYS been a joke. He is a known choker in big games against big teams. Even the year he won the Superbowl he threw, in the play offs and Superbowl, a total of three touchdown passes and SEVEN interceptions. He's been throwing some of the most wobbly, ugly, high school looking spirals I've seen in the NFL this season and if he was anywhere but the AFC West he would have about 20 interceptions throwing that garbage around the field.

Denver can't hang with New England and Denver can't hang with Texas. Both teams are the end of the road for Denver. FACT.
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