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Default Re: In a Pats 49ers Super Bowl

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
If the Pats gave up 41 to the 49ers thay are capabale of giving up 41 to Denver - if you are more confident than ever after the Pats screwed up the bye last night you are in denial

If Denver had to return to New England the Broncos would be screwed - but now New England has lost the bye and will get to play 2 road games - the Pats have never gone to the Super Bowl under that scenario and like most team are more formidable at home than on the road

Falcons were big winners yesterday - San Francisco and Green bay will play each other while the Falcons probably get a team out of the NFC East, all of whom the Falcons have already beaten this year

I would be surprised if the 49ers make it past Green Bat and then also win in Atlanta
Not saying the situation is optimal but over their last three meetings Brady has a combined total of about six billion points against Denver. I think NE can contain Manning enough and Denver can't contain Brady at all.

Another thing worth raising is that Gronk and Hernandez, when together, on the field at the same time, is nearly unblockable, and despite NE having the #1 offense in the league, it's something the Patriots haven't been able to demonstrate since the 1st quarter of week 1. We'll have that threat back in the play offs.

I'd rather play everyone in Gillette but I also truly believe that there's a large gap between the Patriots and the second best team in the AFC, whoever that might be.

And you never know, Denver could drop one of these games in the next two weeks.

I just don't have a high opinion of Denver's defense against New England or Peyton Manning's QB play in big games. He's a dome quarterback who made his legacy in an expansion division by beating up nobodies and than playing like shit in the play offs.
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