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Default Re: In a Pats 49ers Super Bowl

Originally Posted by NEPatriots View Post
I really want to avoid seeming arrogant or over confident but this Patriot team isn't like the 2010 14-2 team that dominated the regular season than went down in flames to a team they beat 3 weeks earlier 45-3. This Patriot team has true grit. It's a much tougher, physical, hungry football team that I think has a lot of heart.

This team is the best Patriot team we've fielded since 2004, the kind of team that can run a post season gauntlet without needing every little thing to go their way.
If it was hungrier it presumably would not have waited until mid-way through the 3rd quarter last night to show up - IMO blowing out Houston contributed to the lack of focus last night - nobody has lost focus this year like the 2012 Steelers but the performance last night was surprising

Maybe the Pats can rest players during the first round game against Cincy or the Steelers
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