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Default Re: Just Say No To Wallace

Originally Posted by ChristianKustomz View Post
Easily...he once again did not run his route correctly and just stood there looking at the ball like a deer looking at headlights instead of going to the ball. It's ridiculous! He shows no effort ir hunger fir the game. He just expects the ball to mysteriously end up in his hands without trying.

I too miss Hines Ward. I started a thread in the past about asking Mr. Ward to please come back out of retirement. We still need him.
It was a terribly thrown ball. Well behind Wallace. If anything, Wallace running a poor route helped make it a close pass. If he runs a sharp route, he's even closer to the sideline than he was and the ball is even further behind him. If Ben throws a good pass, it ends up hitting Wallace in the ankles because he rounded his route.

As for going after Carr, it would have been extremely close to getting him down by contact, but I agree that there was no effort on Wallace's part.

And if we're hanging our hopes on Ward coming out of retirement, we're in more trouble than we all think.
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