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Default Re: A very tough question......

Originally Posted by 3 to be 4
defense is more important than offense, but QB is the most important single position.
Ben for sure.
importance on a team is like
etc etc
i'll throw in a shut down cb in that mix (in the bottom 3) i think if you look at the average of the top 5 qb's salaries vs. the top 5 safeties it would probably be a difference of about 5-6 million dollars a year. the market says ben is more important. if ben ever becomes a free agent, there will be about 10 teams more than willing to outspend the steelers for his services. but the exact same can be3 said for polamalu, in fact, since polamalu is just a safety, id say more than 10 teams would be willing to outbid the steelers for his services.
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