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Default Re: Does anyone recall a Steeler team this bad at tackling?

Originally Posted by stiller39 View Post
If these young guys were watching how Polamalu tackles they will have short careers... # 43 needs to get back to basic wrap up tackling instead of the flying kamikaze technique that makes all the highlight reels.... just saying
For awhile, maybe a few years now, whether due to injury or age, Troy is average at best. He is actually a liability now. I know...blasphemy! But watching him stroll around out there, playing way off his man, taking poor angles and bad tackling one can almost forget he used to be one of the best in the game. It's yet another position that needs to be addressed on top of LT, CB, RB, OLB, NT. Things are not looking good on the defensive side of the ball as we have failed to really draft a stud since...hmm...when was the last great D player we drafted. Timmons? Woodley? Damn!
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