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Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
Why is it that when the defense sucks it ISN'T about LeBeau but when the offense sucked in the past it was ALWAYS about Arians?

You can't have it both ways. If the OC is going to get reamed for a bad offense, the the DC has to assume the position when HIS squad mails it in.

Funny thing is that I can't think of one particular year under Arians when our offense seemed as rudderless as this year's offense and all I've heard for years is how he sucked and blah, blah, blah. Yet he's 9-5 with a team full of rookies and we're 7-7 with a stable of pro-bowlers and the guy who was supposed to be our savior because he WASN'T Arians..

Gee, I wonder if getting rid of BA was such a great idea after all...

Nah! Haley's MUCH better.
You can watch the game and see that Arians sucked no matter who was in the game, and you can see that LeBeau can field a defense that holds in own with half of it made up of guys who had to get their first NFL game uniform two weeks ago, (and one or two of them traded in their Burger King uniforms for them). So this defense made up of of guys who were game-time decisions and recent burger flippers isn't pushing offenses out of scoring position when the offense turns the ball over anymore, that doesn't make the scheme bad. Like I said, try watching the game, not applying cookie cutter reasoning. Arians was the weakest link. The corner backs who weren't even playing in the NFL three weeks ago are the weakest links. See the difference? And you probably never will, but that doesn't make the rest of us wrong.
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