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Default Re: #1 Defense By Smoke & Mirrors

Originally Posted by jiminpa View Post
You can watch the game and see that Arians sucked no matter who was in the game, and you can see that LeBeau can field a defense that holds in own with half of it made up of guys who had to get their first NFL game uniform two weeks ago, (and one or two of them traded in their Burger King uniforms for them). So this defense made up of of guys who were game-time decisions and recent burger flippers isn't pushing offenses out of scoring position when the offense turns the ball over anymore, that doesn't make the scheme bad. Like I said, try watching the game, not applying cookie cutter reasoning. Arians was the weakest link. The corner backs who weren't even playing in the NFL three weeks ago are the weakest links. See the difference? And you probably never will, but that doesn't make the rest of us wrong.
Then what are your excuses when the secondary was healthy minus one person against the Raiders and Titans, heck, the full first 6 or 7 weeks of football? Troy being back and the defense has been worse. I wonder if you were one of the people on this board calling for Ike Taylor to be cut from the team, now wanting to use his absence the last two weeks as an excuse for pitiful defensive play.

This defense used to dictate games. Now they can only stop an offense on 3rd down when the offense has the pass fall incomplete. We used to blow teams up not just on 3rd down, but on every down. Now instead of dictating what is going to happen we drop everyone into coverage and hope that the pass is incomplete to force the offense to punt.

This defense is a joke and has been all year minus some good games against the Jets, Chiefs, Browns, Ravens. All offenses that are complete garbage.

Go ahead and be proud that they are number 1 in total yards allowed. I will stick to reality and watch the defense fall apart every week late in the game.
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