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Default Re: #1 Defense By Smoke & Mirrors

Originally Posted by lipps83 View Post
Dick Lebeau has been blowing some pretty important 4th quarter leads since Montana led the 49'ers back against the Bengals in the Super Bowl in 1988.

Yeah, this defense is #1.

In jokes.
And the offense turning over the ball in its own endzone has nothing to do with that? Some of you closet browns fans have been crying about the defense giving up almost as many points as the offense for years. I call BS. Even with guys who wouldn't have seen an NFL field if there hadn't been so many injuries this year this defense is still affective. In the games in recent years that the offense literally gave up more points than the defense you Arians fans would be crying because the defense would give up 10 of the 13 points it allowed in the second half, calling the fact that the defense allowed less than two touchdowns the whole game irrelevant, because the majority came in the fourth quarter, and then you would blame the defense for points the offense gave the other team. Now you can barely hide your excitement that the defense isn't superhuman any more. Even with guys off of the street playing corner it is still a top 5 defense. It's not the defense.
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