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Originally Posted by MillerMania83 View Post
Like it was mentioned, Woodley was a BEAST before the injury against NE...Ever since, ya barely see him make a play anymore, he absolutely looks out of shape....Let's face it, our so called 'stud' players just ain't getting it done...Thats a HUGE reason we are in the position we are in headin into the last 2 games.
That's an understatement... Just look at this list of probowl caliber Steelers who are having disappointing seasons:

Harrison - coming on as of late, but still

And I was really hoping to see more out of Pouncey, Sanders, Hood, Heyword, Rainey, Cotchery, ... our entire O-line really. They showed glimpses of what they are capable of ...but never got healthy enough to shine.
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