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Default Tim Tebow as a backup in Pitt?

First off, I know this will never happen, but hear me out.
We need a back-up qb and a running back. If we could use Tebow as a running back/wild cat guy in certain situations and as a 3 string qb we can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. We have a franchise qb, so there won't be any backlash calling for Tebow to be the starter. He could also be used as a full back and would be a cheap addition. He is a smart guy with a ton of energy, maybe he could keep this teams head in the game, and hyped up (hopefully being flat isn't an issue next year). Personally, I am not a Tebow fan at all, but I thought it could be an interesting topic.

I REPEAT: I know this will never happen and the Steelers would never want the Tebow sideshow, this is just a thought I had watching the Jets game tonight.
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